Red in Interiors

Red is a colour with the strongest wavelength. It is a very powerful colour and can dominate any visual. An example can be seen in the picture below. The quantity of green is as much or more than the red, but it is the red that dominates the visual. Therefore, it is a very aggressive colour. Just like red cars psychologically remind us of speed, dominance, identically red used in spaces has a similar effect on us. Before using red, we must always question ourselves what is that we expect or want out of our space.

Here are some basic things to remember while doing up your bedrooms in red.

Bedrooms: Our homes are where we relax and unwind at the end of a busy tiring day. I suggest you to avoid red and orange bedsheets, as they may look good, but cause the emotion of high energy, strength, a fight or flight mood contrary to the relaxation intended at the end of the day. Use calm pastels and prints for them instead. The same applies for bedcovers; use neutrals with a burst of red in cushions. The colour is intense and will be noticed when used even is small quantities.

Kids room
Most children come with high energy and enthusiasm, so choose this colour depending on the temperament of your child. If your kid is aggressive, keep the colour far away from their spaces. Reduce its use as much as possible. On the other hand, if the child is dull and quiet and you wish to instil some energy, then use this colour in small amounts coupled with yellows and oranges and sky blue. Use bright tones of a colour, but offset them with creams or off whites. This creates a balance much desired by the human brain.

Teen bedrooms
Teenagers are usually attracted to orange and blacks. One of the reasons for this is their state of mind in an aggressive and defiant phase. Attraction to these colours is a reflection of our mind as well as vice versa. Let your teenagers enjoy these colours; use them in their rooms but in smaller quantities. Not letting them have their way is encouraging their aggression.